A full range of senders, switches & sensors

VDO has a varied range of sensors for many applications such as automotive, commercial, agricultural, marine or industrial application. The sensors can be pressure, temperature, fuel level, water level, foot pedals, speed senders, rpm senders and many more variants.

Pressure senders are used to measure gas or fluid pressure in connection with an electrical display unit.

VDO Pressure Senders & Switches

VDO Pressure Senders are suitable for use with oil pressure and gearbox pressure gauges. VDO Pressure Switches are suitable to use to control a warning light or an electronic module to low pressure.

VDO Pressure Senders & Switches
Temperature switches are used to monitor the temperature of different media by making contact when a pre-defined limiting value is exceeded or not reached.

VDO Temperature Senders & Switches

A full range of VDO temperature senders to suit VDO gauges and applications, as well as a range of temperature switches to turn on warning lights and control modules.

VDO Temperature Senders & Switches

VDO Australia Catalogue

VDO Australia catalogue showing all automotive and commercial goods.

VDO Australia Catalogue Click to download 7mb pdf

Instrument sensor catalogue

Catalogue showing all instrument sensors available from Germany.

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